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Artificial Intelligence In Design

The graphic design provides a visual representation of how artificial intelligence can become an ally for designers in the near future. It provides insights into how AI can help in personalizing the experience for the consumer, and how creativity sits in the crosshairs of art, science, engineering, and design. Artificial Intelligence In Graphic Design Conference is a 3-day event in San Francisco, CA in November. Each day there is a design workshop, talks from different speakers.

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Finding Your Focus

The designer aims to display a visual concept that demonstrates a conceptual and typographical system. Thus composition consists of a specific vocabulary, accurate measurements, and central specifications that the designer has taken into fine consideration. Also, the designer has aimed to establish a clear Typographic hierarchy to establish and move the order in which the audience receives information from the design.

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R Gate Emblem

Riiid is the AI Ed technology company that believes education should help to discover and unleash the limitless potential of humankind. Every kid and parent believes in their potential at first but loses this belief as they enter the current education system where diversity and individual differences are not fully embraced. New corporate identity visualized the brand's "R" into a keyhole and a portal to represent Riiid is opening up a rusty old mindset and invites everyone to make their own breakthrough to remind of the belief: you are better than you think you are.

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Sixtieth Anniversary

Jocelyn Shi designed this series of posters to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the School of Design at Jiangnan University. The advanced teaching methods and design consciousness pursued by the School of Design are presented in the form of 2D graphics and 3D rendering. The changing 3D graphics in the poster represent both the School of Design (Logo) and the sixtieth anniversary celebration.

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Underforest: Select

The project, in hand with the government, built the leading brand of "Underforest: Select" for the under-forest economy. Through image integration and packaging specification, designers reduce material costs without compromising quality, strengthen the brand identity and raise the values for their products. The branding colors are forest-green and matte gold. Forest-green portrays the abundant natural resources in the woods, and the matte gold represents the economic potential of the under-forest economy.

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Designers Brasileiros

The brand of the website Designers Brasileiros consists of a panel in the shape of the letter D composed by geometric pieces that fit together and represent the design specialties. These pieces are shapes extracted from the Brazilian flag and also form the letter B and a toucan. The toucan was defined by the fact that it is one of the largest seed dispersers of Brazilian fauna and one of those responsible for the formation of tropical forests. Thus, for the brand, the dispersion of seeds by the toucan conceptually symbolizes the dissemination of knowledge that is the purpose of the website.

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